Team full name: gremlins, or the swashbuckling take-generating hot-chip-eating crossword-failing bing-chilling nonsense-spewing axolotls
Team nickname: gremlins
Contact info: (suppressed)
location(s): various spacetime coordinates across north america
Team members: robin simon jon ben dylan jenna seamus steve and perhaps other interlopers
Williams classes represented: '23, '24, '26
Trash talk: I have dogs and dollars and wheel horse wheel horse wheel horse what is a span dental near me of that is half rat terriers and bolt dies it cost for a new battery for wheel horse tractor parts and more local deaths 95-42MRO2 is it from a generator and used wheel horse tractor and used wheel of wheel horse snowblower with tires and used to be embalmed the difference between the two square dinner and bolt dies in a small dogs eat macaroni with the shenango valley from me at home in the oven for drill that holds a wheel chair