Bob Ross Now And Forever

Team full name: Bob Ross Now And Forever
Team nickname: Bob Ross Now And Forever
Contact info: (suppressed)
location(s): The Western Hemisphere, with some exceptions
Team members: Adam Bloom, '99
Sara Kolbet (Caswell), '00
Rachel Axler, '99
Andy Kyle, '99
Chris Fairbanks, '00
Adam Schreiber, '99
Saskia Nesja, '99
Patchen Mortimer, '00
Erik Klemetti, '99
Kara Roggenkamp, '99
Jeff McMahon, '99
George Anthes, '00
Dorothy Gambrell, '00
Francesca Gomes, '99
Williams classes represented: '99, '00
Trash talk: Curbside pickup only Tuesdays and Fridays, paper/plastic/metal recycling pickup Wednesdays. Please have all bins placed at the curb prior to 6am. Jeff McMahon is a traitor. Compost materials must be brought to the Maxwell Avenue facility during open hours.