Tom Gardner, click here

Team full name: The Bowling For Soup version of Five O'Clock world is WAY BETTER!
Team nickname: Tom Gardner, click here
Contact info: (suppressed)
location(s): Not Turtle Creek
Team members: The Vogues are an American vocal group from Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh. The original lineup consisted of Bill Burkette (lead baritone), Don Miller (baritone), Hugh Geyer (first tenor), and Chuck Blasko (second tenor).........Bowling for Soup is an American rock band originally formed in Wichita Falls, Texas in 1994. The band relocated to Denton, Texas in 1996 and consists of Jaret Reddick (lead vocals, guitar), Chris Burney (guitar, backing vocals), Erik Chandler (bass, backing vocals, acoustic guitar), and Gary Wiseman (drums, percussion, backing vocals).
Williams classes represented:
Trash talk: If we win, the next contest will be EIGHT HOURS of pop punk covers of 1960s songs.