Team full name: BOMO
Team nickname: BOMO
Contact info: (suppressed)
location(s): Bedford, NY
Team members: Just Tom Gardner '79, unless Danny drops in! My 47th contest, dating from December, 1973. I'm the guy with the visor on this picture circa 1976, along with Betsy Beers '79 on a device called a "telephone" that did NOT have a mega-CPU computer inside it; Professor Jay Ogilvy on the far right; and the late great music man Tom Soybel '79 on the left, also on a "telephone." We are in the Gladden House common room, as per custom back then.
Williams classes represented: '79
Trash talk: It's a Five O'Clock World -- and it better be The Vogues' version!!! (Not Bowling Soup! :) )