US vs. Good Time in Vegas

Team full name: United States vs. One .45 Caliber Automatic, Two Boxes of Ammunition, Four Days Concentrated Emergency Rations, One Drug Issue Containing Antibiotics, Morphine, Vitamin Pills, Pep Pills, Sleeping Pills, Tranquilizer Pills, One Miniature Russian Phrasebook and Bible, 100 Dollars in Rubles, 100 Dollars in Gold, Nine Packs of Chewing Gum, One Issue of Prophylactics, Three Lipsticks, and Three Pairs of Nylon Stockings
Team nickname: US vs. Good Time in Vegas
Contact info: (suppressed)
location(s): Denver, CO; Olathe, KS; Evendale, OH; and Ben's sister might help from NYC
Team members: Sean Cannon
Jacob Duran Shedd
CJ Eckenrode
Steve Homer
Max Gregg
Ben Kitchen
(possibly Madison Kitchen and Mitchell Lippitt)
Mary Yoder
Carlos Yosten
Williams classes represented: Ben was recently accepted to the class of 2021!
Trash talk: Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room!