The 108th Semi-Annual Williams Trivia Contest

May 14–15, 2021, brought to you by:

Too Early for Flapjacks

Rules of the Contest

Here are the official rules for the May, 2021 Williams Trivia Contest. See the Introduction Page for instructions on registering and getting started, and a more general overview.


How to Join

See the Introduction Page for instructions on how to join the contest and get set up to play.

On-Air Questions

The heart of the contest is a set of questions asked throughout the night over the audio stream.


In Williams Trivia, the plural of "bonus" is "boni". There will be 4 types of boni in the contest. General scoring rules:

Hour Boni

At the beginning of every hour, a link to an hour bonus will appear on the website; there will be a total of 8 hour boni. The bonus will contain a set of questions on a particular topic. Teams have until the end of the hour to submit their answers, using the answer sheet linked to on the web page. Hour boni are worth up to 15 points if you don't use the internet, and up to 5 points if you do.

Super Boni

At 10:00 and 2:00 we will release a super bonus, which is a bigger and badder hour bonus. Teams have four hours for each super bonus. It will be worth up to 30 points if you don't use the internet, and 10 if you do.

Action Trivia

Action Trivias are usually scenes which teams act out and film, but could also be anything under the sun that gets you up and, you know, active. You will have an hour for each, and they are worth up to 6 points and there will be 7 in total. Some of the points will be for accurate execution and good trivia, and some for style and whether you make us laugh.

Ultra Bonus

There will be one ultra bonus. It will be in 8 parts. The first set of clues will be released at 10pm, and your objective is to tell us what they have in common. Another set will come out at 11, and then at midnight, etc. All clues together lead to one thing, and you get points if you tell us what. Guess as many times as you like. The value of the ultra depends on how early you get it:

Hour 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Score 28 22 16 10 7 5 3 1

You may use the internet "at will" on the Ultra bonus.


Have fun!